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Wíinkilil Arte de Defensa

Wíinkilil Art of Defense is a project that explore's different mechanisms to transform traditional Mayan movements such as plywood, kaa'x massage, sosquil, traditional hairstyle, sobada Mayan midwives and traditional cutting henequen into movements of self defense. An interdisciplinary work that imagines how could the Mexican art defense would be. Exploring movement is similar in terms of space, use of breathing, balance, quality of movement and spatial perception to a martial art, enabling repetition and aesthetic refinement and presentation, inviting the practitioner as the observer to a process of reflection and awareness of the richness and complexity of the elements and knowledge contained in human activity, linked to livelihood and traditional life.


Wíinkilil in Mayan cosmogony means body-presence, a word that embraces concepts such as body shape, physical activity, personality and identity, in a simple term is what we remember of our loved ones when they die.