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Creciendo desde Adentro

Endangered Human Movements is the title of the frame work proposed in 2014, focusing on human movement practices which have been cultivated for centuries all over the world. Within  this frame, a series of performances, workshops, films, installations, talks, publications and a comprehensive online archive are developed, in which ancestral embodied practices -movements, dances and forms of world-making re-appear in the social and artistic context. This re-appearance of ancestral forms of movement entails a thinking towards decolonizing contemporary arts and culture by introducing critical perspectives from the fields of anthropology, history, philosophy, visual arts, dance, choreography and contemporary-traditional indigenous Amerindian knowledge, the latter encompassing not only contemporary shamanism but also orally transmitted knowledge, social knowledge about the body, about movement and touch, about healing, about plants, about perception, about the interconnectedness of life forms and about ritual diplomatic knowledge applied to the relationship with other beings.