Consulting and Training

We design, facilitate and accompany spaces aimed at education, training and creation of learning communities. Promoting processes that favor the care, appreciation and preserv [..]

Corporal Heritage and Territory


Today we live in a society that generally values the body as a productive tool, leaving aside its importance as an important part of our well-being as human beings. This probl [..]

Wíinkilil Self Defense


Wíinkilil Art of Defense is a project that explore's different mechanisms to transform traditional Mayan movements such as plywood, kaa'x massage, sosquil, traditional hairsty [..]

Loolo'ob the other futures


Loolo'ob the other futures is a program that seeks to retake futures that could be, through the approach with communities and native peoples that have defended their belief sy [..]

Endangered Human Movements


Endangered Human Movements is the title of the frame work proposed in 2014, focusing on human movement practices which have been cultivated for centuries all over the world. W [..]