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Light up, midwifery dance

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In July 2019, started the artistic project Alumbrar, Dance of Midwifery, which proposes to open a space to contribute to the recognition of this profession at risk of disappearing, through a journey that revalues the role of midwives in society, bringing valuable information on sexual and reproductive health for both youth and adults.


To achieve this, the INAMM team in a first stage collaborated with the psychologist Yamilé Dzul, the midwives Rafaela Can and Don Julio Canché, as well as with the anthropologist Miguel Güemez Pineda and the doula Cecilia Hernández. Following this, in November of the same year, two laboratories made up of twelve midwives were carried out at Rafaela Can's house located in the community of Chumbec, Izamal. They learned about different experiences and knowledge that the midwives put into practice when carrying out their work. For example, the different stages that make up the process, such as Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth and the puerperium; the advice that they transmit to the future parents they accompany; the use of natural tools, different rituals and prayers that they use throughout the cycle, in addition to their critical perspective and what they would like allopathic medicine to facilitate and recognize.


In 2020, this lived process will result in a staging that will seek to disseminate what happens around the midwifery practiced in Izamal, Yucatan. Piece where you can see the series of movements observed of the various sobadas, the audiovisual record, documented information from the laboratories, elements investigated in relation to humanized childbirth and a space for dialogue open to the public to imagine the possible futures of this profession.

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