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Inauguration of Nak Táan sculpture

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Salvador Alvarado Stadium in Mérida


We are pleased to invite you to the inauguration of SCULPTURE NAK TÁAN, on Friday, October 20, at 7 p.m. at the Salvador Alvarado Stadium (on the straight track).

We are a group of performing artists and cultural managers who, motivated by common interests around themes of heritage, art and culture, started in 2013 an investigation into the body movements of daily activities linked to livelihood and traditional life, creating an audiovisual collection open consultation, at the website www.inamm.org

Later, we set ourselves the task of thinking about how we could create a cultural project based on the movements we had investigated. This led us to find a relationship between the defense arts, the performing arts and the everyday movements of each culture. In 2015, we started the project Wíinkilil self-defense art, an exploration in a constant process of creation and modification that aims to imagine, what would be the Mexican martial art, allowing us to value those elements of traditional activities that can be repositioned in the contemporary context, through a corporal practice.

The word Wíinkillil in Maya cosmogony means body-presence, a concept encompassing bodily form, body movement, and the personality or identity expressed in that body, in a nutshell is what we remember from our loved ones when they die (their way of laughing, walking, etc.).

From 2015 to the present, those who integrated the project have tried to create a coherent practice from the artistic point of view and from a practical perspective in classes and workshops, that is why in 2016 we undertook a collaboration with the professional sculptor and boxer David the Magician Hernández, with the aim of creating a sculpture - machine, called Nak Táan to practice Winkinil, a work that we will inaugurate at Salvador Alvarado Stadium on October 20 at 7 pm in FICMAYA 2017, with the support of FONCA, IDEY, SEDECULTA and IHMY.

The sculpture is inspired by the movements of Wíinkilil, however, we believe that it can be used for other corporal practices, which is why we invite different specialists in Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Bharatanatyam, Capoeira, Box, Lila Lama and Karate Do, to present their work that includes an interaction with the Nak Táan sculpture.

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