Endangered Human Movements


Project that seeks to investigate, preserve and promote the body's movements in the daily activities of the indigenous communities of Mexico, they are missing due to socioecon [..]

Wiinkilil Art Defense


Wíinkilil Art of Defense is a project that explore's different mechanisms to transform traditional Mayan movements such as plywood, kaa'x massage, sosquil, traditional hairsty [..]

Body movement and heritage


Workshop aimed at diverse communities and work teams, based on knowledge in the areas of dance, yoga, kinesiology and martial arts. Throughout the sessions, cardiovascular act [..]


10 May - 03:36 pm


Choreography with the daily tasks of women

Yaxnic, San Ignacio Tesip, San Antonio Tzacala and San Pedro Chimay communities of southern Mérida


Seventy women from Yaxnic, San Ignacio Tesip, San Pedro Chimay and Tzacalá, communities of southern Mérida, participate in the project "Growing from within", coordinated by th [..]

11 October - 09:12 pm


Inauguration of Nak Táan sculpture

Salvador Alvarado Stadium in Mérida


We are pleased to invite you to the inauguration of SCULPTURE NAK TÁAN, on Friday, October 20, at 7 p.m. at the Salvador Alvarado Stadium (on the straight track).

We are a gro [..]